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Cisite Pay-What-You-Can Program for Worthy Causes

20-100% Discounts on Web Design, Programming and Marketing Services for Charities, Green Companies, Human Rights Groups, Etc.

As part of our mandate to produce "Better Web for a Better World" Cisite Interactive is proud to offer our Pay-What-You-Can program to deserving organizations around the world.

Through our program, qualifying organizations and businesses can receive 20-100% discounts on the following project types:

  • custom web site design
  • database design
  • flash design
  • web site usability analysis and planning
  • graphic design
  • web site maintenance
  • e-commerce web site design
  • search engine optimization
  • web application development
  • content management systems
  • internet marketing consulting

The current list of qualifying business types and organizations is as follows:

  • Alternative energy companies
  • Internationally or nationally recognized charities
  • Non-motorized sports related companies/associations
  • Human Rights groups/organizations
  • Democratic political activism projects
  • Micro-investment programs in the 3rd worl

So how does it work?

Simple. You share your marketing and/or technology objectives with our Business Development Team to establish a basic project plan. We trust you to tell us how much budget you can afford to spend on the project, and we accept that amount in lieu of our usual fees.

Project timelines will typically be slightly more flexible on Pay-What-You-Can projects, depending on how busy our team is at the time of your project start date, but your final assets will be of the same world-class design and programming standards as all Cisite Interactive project work.

IMPORTANT: Low-balling your available budget is strongly discouraged as it will prevent other deserving organizations from gaining access to this program. Cisite aims to give back 5-10% of our total revenues every year in Pay-What-You-Can work so please help us help the world. Thanks!

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