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If you would like to receive a project quote by email, please complete the following form. Fill out as many fields as you canó the more detail you provide, the more accurate the quote will be!

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Contact Information

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What services are you interested in? (check all that apply)
Graphic Design Web Design
Search Engine Marketing Copywriting
Web Application Development Website Management
Have you ever been involved with planning a website or a site redesign?
 Yes  No
Please tell us a little about your business. Industry? Demographics? Current marketing strategies? How is business generated? Number of employees? Years in business?
Please tell us about your target audience:
Do you have a domain name registered?
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What is the URL of your present site or registered domain?
What is your estimated launch date?
What is the budget for your project?

If your project is a website redesign:

Why are you unhappy with your existing site?
What features of the current website would you like to keep?
What features of the current website don't you like?

Web Design:

What type of website are you aiming to have?
Publicity or marketing site Intranet
Game or entertainment site Extranet
Non-profit or community site Application service provider
Portal Content-based publishing
Sales, e-commerce Other
If other, please elaborate:
What are your objectives for this project? (Check all that apply)
Increase sales Lead generation
New marketing presence Develop strong online brand
Reposition existing brand Develop advertising revenue
Develop sales revenue Provide product information
Establish contact with customers Reduce sales or support costs
Build an online community Establish tech. advantage
Develop International presence Build email database
If other, please elaborate:
Please select and rank the features you think you'll need:

1 = Critical, must have
2 = Would like, but not critical
3 = Do not want

Logo Design
Site graphics
Copywriting or editorial review
Audio/Video development
Chat area or bulletin board
Flash development
Search feature
Shopping cart
Site coding (HTML, JavaScript, etc.)


Database design and integration
Content management system
Usability testing
Advertising management tools
Traffic logging and analysis tools
Application development
Will you be supplying all content for the website, including photos and copy? Will you be able to provide the materials in digital format?
How many pages do you think your website will require?
How often will your website be updated?
Who will maintain your site? If it's already online, who maintains it now and what tools do they use?

Web Hosting

Do you need web hosting?
 Yes  No
Do you have your own web server?
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Please list three of your favorite websites and tell us why you like them:
Please tell us anything else about your project you feel is relevant:
Server & Domain Setup
Customer Support Tools

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