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Company Overview

We understand the capabilities of the Web, and you understand your business. Working closely with our clients, we gain a better understanding of their knowledge of the Internet and how they currently conduct business, and then we show them how the web can help make their organization more productive and profitable. The Web can make information on your company’s services or products accessible 24-hours a day. We can also show you how to provide higher levels of service while controlling your costs on items such as telephone and mail expenses.

We believe in strategy and interactivity to reach the full potential of the Internet and we commit ourselves to systematically finding the solutions to your questions and problems.

What We Do:
We begin our “process” by asking simple strategic questions. When these questions are answered, we begin to develop and provide the correct service and design to efficiently and effectively deliver results. We develop and provide an infrastructure for you online that produces targeted response.

What We Offer:
We provide our clients with a wide range of interactive services. Our project tools allow you to become part of our process. Such tools such as:

1. Strategic Consulting
2. Interface Analysis
3. Implementation Services
4. Improvement Services
5. Interactive Marketing

Who is it for?
The statistics show, and our clients agree, that the Internet delivers wide results. What our clients have in common is an understanding that the Internet has unique potential and possibilities. By empowering our clients with the ability to extract, store and process data so they can conduct business from anywhere, we have developed not only integrity and reliability, but also a relationship that drives loyalty, retention, acquisition and profitability.

We believe in investing time to build a business strategy that produces superior results. We also know that failing to invest time in strategy results in frustration and poor results.

Why Us?
Experience: We have a staff of trained programmers, computer technicians, designers, and consultants to aid in all aspects of development.

Results: We will help you achieve your results and goals by using our resources completely. Our strategic targeting and planning consists of important demographic information.

Process: We expose all of our clients and projects to a methodical process. Our clients agree with this process of strategy, which includes development, layout, appearance, support and consultation on the information process.

Services Overview

Strategic Consulting:
To answer important questions like:
• What should you be trying to accomplish?
• Who is your target?
• What is the value of each of your targeted ventures?
• Who else is targeting these areas and how are they doing it? Are they being effective?
• Does your competition pose a threat to you?
• How much should you be investing on your interactivity plan?
• Do you have the necessary information to successfully build information architecture?
• If so, how should it be implemented?
• Will your data support positive returns?
• How will database marketing impact your business?

Interface Analysis:
By knowing the right questions to ask, we can provide our clients with a strategic directive, competitive analysis and a comprehensive and successful Internet experience.

• Does your current strategy work? If not, then why?
• What do your customers think about your interface?
• What would customers prefer?
• What do your customers like about your competitor’s interfaces?
• Is your interface causing you to lose business?
• Should you conduct usability testing?

Implementation Services:

We offer interactive features that are designed to deliver results.

• Interface design
• Information architecture
• Creative direction
• Graphic design
• E-Commerce
• Relationship marketing
• Database marketing
• Database implementation
• Infrastructure integration

Improvement Services:
Your interactive solution will deliver valuable customer and business information. This must be interpreted within the context of your strategic direction and form the basis for delivering continuous improvement over time. Our analysis services will work with you to collect, monitor, interpret, and improve your overall solution.

Interactive Marketing:
Now that you have someplace for your customers to go on the Internet, how will you get them there? We take an integrated approach to marketing. By developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that targets the right mix of customers, you will get the results you are looking for. From developing interactive partnerships and marketing programs to designing and placing ad banner media, our team of media planners and developers will make sure your message is delivered to the right targets for a positive response and long-term growth.


What is strategy?
Strategy is the process of rationalizing your resources and objectives.

Your strategy should be integrated and consider as many business variables as possible. Considerations should include resources, operational and financial opportunity, and your overall marketing strategy.

Importance of Strategy:
Strategy is the key missing link in most failed Internet directives.

Your strategy will provide you with a map to check direction, make corrections and interpret your information correctly and profitable.

It is definitely worth the time to ask the following.

1. Why am I doing this?
2. Does it make sense operationally and financially to do have a website?
3. What can I expect from this website? The answer to this question should tell you whether or not you should participate on the Internet.

Strategic Results:
Results that improve the profitability of your business are often overlooked due to time constraints or a lack of organization. There are abundant ways the Internet can do this for you. If your business has not undergone a transformation resulting in greater profits, your website strategy was not implemented fully or properly.

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