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CISITE Virtual Tours

If you want an image to come alive on the internet or in print, you've come to the right place.

CISITE is a worldwide leader in the art of virtual tours and object modelling photography and production, and also offers the best talent in still and panoramic photography.

What Is it?

CISITE offers a web and email based virtual tour system that uploads, processes, hosts and distributes your 360 degrees panoramic virtual tours. This is ideal for estate agents, hotels and resorts, as the service allows for a large reduction in virtual tour costs.

The user photographs the property using our panoramic rotator, a digital camera and tripod. Images are then sent to us using the software provided, whereafter our graphic designers stitch and compile the images into tours. Within a short time the link to the panoramic virtual tour is emailed back to the client, ready to be displayed on a website or emailed to clients.

Virtual Tour Format

Visual Tours have developed six different types of viewers for different bandwidth, tour locations and client requirements.

  • Flash Viewer
  • Java Lite viewer
  • Java Warp viewer
  • Java Combo viewer
  • JAVA 360x360 viewer
  • iPIX 360x360 viewer

The Process

There are approximately 18 photographs taken at sequential angles, then they are put into the software, stitched together to create your virtual tour. The photographs will take you in a 360 view right around the room.

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Our Clients

Altman Real Estate

Self Service Real Estate Virtual Tour. Visual Tours provides Altman Real Estate with a self service real estate virtual tour solution. This allows real estate agents to take their own virtual tours, which we then stitch and process into tours. Tours are delivered and uploaded onto their website, becoming a valuable marketing tool.

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Realtors Limited

Full Service Real Estate Virtual Tours Visual Tours delivers a full service virtual tour solution to Realtors Limited. Our network of professional photographers across the country takes real estate virtual tours of houses that are mandated by Jawitz. These tours are then compiled and uploaded on their website.

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Full Service Real Estate Virtual Tours Visual Tours provides a full service panoramic tour solution that allows Lew Geffen the choice to order virtual tours online in a simple and quick manner. Our photographers and graphic designers work together to produce top quality virtual tours for display on the website.

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Contact Us For Pricing : We will contact you as soon as possible.

More of Our Clients

Contact Us For Pricing : We will contact you as soon as possible.

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