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Marketing Strategy

To make sure you meet your business and communications goals, you need a good marketing strategy and a sound interactive marketing strategy. CISITE has been developing marketing strategies for clients since 1994, and more importantly, our clients have been successful in no small part due to our involvement.

Whether your business is B-to-B, B-to-C, or some hybrid, a high quality, complete, well-researched marketing strategy and plan is essential. The complete marketing strategy integrates all areas of customer interaction, including the Web, call centers, distribution networks, and point of sale.

Contact CISITE to learn how we can help you develop or refine your marketing strategy.

IT Consulting

CISITE is committed to the absolute success your project. Part of success is paying attention to every last detail, including support and supplementary services.

Over the years, many clients have commented that our technology, design and production staff are among the best that they have worked with and have asked us if they could "borrow" our staff to work on-site with their teams. So we listened. If you have projects that require great talent to work on-site, perhaps coordinating with either your internal team or with the Complete Interactive team at our offices, we are ready and able to provide your company that extra staff, including:
  • Web Programmers (PERL, JAVA, PHP, ASP, XML, etc.)
  • Designers (interface and general design)
  • Illustrators
  • HTML Whizzes (HTML, DHTML, JavaScript)
  • Flash, Director and Shockwave programmers
  • Visual Basic Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Copy Writers
  • Strategic Consultants
Contact CISITE and we'll provide you the flexibility gained through temporary use of our top staff for short, medium or long-term projects.

Systems Integration

Every business thrives when information is in the right place at the right time. Efficiency is enhanced tremendously when employees, channel partners, suppliers and even investors ands the press can get to the information they need and should have access to fast. By seamlessly integrating existing and technologies - both internally across the enterprise and externally with business partners - your organization will be poised to thrive and serve customers better than the competition while maintaining efficiency.

Contact CISITE to find out how integrating systems and information together can help your organization.

Server & Domain Setup
Customer Support Tools

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