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E-Newsletter Services

CISITE E-Newsletter/Email marketing managed service provides you with industry-leading service and support.

We make it easy for you just to concentrate your campaign.  This service is perfect for businesses of any size.

Our CISITE email marketing service, includes

Email Campaign


  • Email Campaign  creation Step-by-Step wizard
  • Easy "send" scheduling
  • Send personalized emails
  • Send your campaign as HTML or plain, emails with attachments

Email Design

  • Custom templates with Your Brand option

Email List Management

  • List import wizard
  • Customizable sign-up form for website
  • Bounce email management
  • Mailing list Management
  • Members/Subcribers management

Email Tracking and Reporting

  • Tracking of who opened emails and what links they clicked on
  • Reporting on stats including open and click-through rates
Server & Domain Setup
Customer Support Tools

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